Birth to 5 months
Will look at faces and begin to imitate facial expressions
Can briefly calm himself and enjoys affection
Turns head toward sound source and smiling
Reaches for objects, using hands and eyes together
Shows joy and displeasure
Plays alone: shaking, rattling and banging toys

6-11 months
Object permanence
Searches for hidden objects
Responds to simple commands
Imitates gestures and actions
Begins to use objects appropriately (cup, brush hair, etc)
Explores toys with a variety of skills

12-17 months
Likes simple games (peek-a-boo) and interacts with picture books
Attempts to repeat words
Shows favoritism to items and people
Follows simple directions and will learn through trial and error
Experiences separation and develops stranger anxiety
Notices other children and enjoys playing with adults

18-23 months
Finds hidden objects
Likes to hand objects or drop objects as play
Increased attention span and independence
Puts together 2-4 piece puzzles and places shapes in sorter
Gets excited when around other children
Plays beside other children but beginning to include them
Begins matching similar/identical objects
Shows defiant behaviors
Increased separation anxiety

2-3 years
Understands mechanical toys
Sorts by size, primary color and shape
Increased reasoning in trial and error
Pretend and imaginative play
Matches objects in pictures
Shows concern for others emotions (crying)
Shows wide range of emotions
Follows 2-3 step directions

3-4 years
Wants to please friends and adults
Will copy or follow along with friends
Will verbally communicate frustrations
May still be reactive to major changes
Carries on a conversation using 2-3 words
Plays make-believe games with toys
Understands the idea of “mine”
Shows affection towards familiar people
Shows a range of emotions

4-5 years
Sorts items into categories
Enjoys engaging in new things
Cooperates with other children
Understands the concept of time
Understand real versus make-believe
Understands future tense
Questions parents
Elaboration in imaginary play
Likely to understand and follow rules
Speaks clearly
Shows sympathy toward others