About Us

Group Of Young Friends TogetherFor over 15 years, we have been successfully providing speech and behavior therapy services to children in need throughout Texas. Each one of our specialists are highly trained and certified with the knowledge of care and development that individuals with special needs require. We take great pride in our professional and compassionate approach by treating each child with the personalized care and attention they deserve. Additionally, one of the ways that we’re able to help is by keeping things fun for the kids. Every summer we run a social skills camp and start small social groups through the year that play a big role in their development. One area that really sets us apart is also helping the parents. We feel that it’s just as important to allow the parents to watch and fully understand the best practices in assisting their children at home, which not many other places allow.

Contact Us

To learn more about our organization and how we can best assist the speech, language and behavior needs of your child, we invite you to contact us via our web form or by calling 432-570-4400 today!