RUBI Parent Training

Most parents are not provided with a foundation of how to use the principles of ABA at home. Information is typically provided via a psychoeducation course, meaning that parents read materials and/or watch educational videos/seminars. RUBI is designed as a parent mediated Intervention, meaning that the child is the direct beneficiary throughout our time together as we learn and incorporate practical techniques of parent’s choosing. Our sessions focus on personalization, tailoring interventions and treatment to you and your family. All our interventions are co-constructed with the clinician and family.
The goal of RUBI is to equip families with the necessary tools to address problem behaviors and increase adaptive skills both now and beyond their time in RUBI. Rather than being guided on how to address current behaviors, parents are taught the skills to identify and respond to behaviors on their own.
RUBI is designed for families who are on the waitlist for ABA services or due to location, are unable to receive services. However, RUBI is an excellent addition for families currently receiving ABA services as it does not interfere with current treatment.

Content of RUBI:

  • Behavioral Principles (the ABCs of behavior)
  • Prevention Strategies
  • Daily Schedules
  • Reinforcement
  • Planned Ignoring
  • Compliance Training
  • Functional Communication Skills
  • Teaching Skills
  • Generalization & Maintenance

RUBI Implementation

RUBI is a 15-20 week course. Caregivers will meet for one hour via zoom with a certified RUBI therapist. Throughout the week, caregivers will implement interventions and take data.

For more information about RUBI, please visit About the RUBI Autism Network.

RUBI Intake Form

Please complete the following RUBI Intake Form to begin the process of adding your child to the waitlist. A staff member will contact you via email to continue the intake process.

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