Pediatric Occupational Therapy helps children develop the skills necessary to be independent in the activities of daily living. If a child is delayed in one of the following skills it can lead to frustration and lack of growth. Fine motor skills, sensory-motor skills and visual motor skills are needed for a child to function and socialize with their peers. Everyday tasks as simple as learning to brush their teeth, write their name or tie their shoes can sometimes be impossible for a child. Each child is unique and needs to be considered as such. Our Occupational Therapists will determine where delays or limitations exist and how best to help your child achieve the fine motor skills, cognitive skills, social development and self-care skills.

You may consider seeking the help of an Occupational Therapist if your child:

  • Has delays in fine motor skills (holding a pencil, eating with utensils, tying shoes)
  • Needs help developing visual motor skills (tracking an object, hand-eye coordination)
  • Has cognitive delays, including problem-solving skills, memory or attention
  • Has sensory integration issues
  • Has delays in social interaction skills
  • Needs help learning self-care tasks (getting dressed, etc)

With play therapy and engaging children on their level, our therapists will take the chore out of therapy and seek to make their sessions a fun experience. We will help your child develop the necessary physical, cognitive and sensory skill they need to grow into happy, functional adults.